Why Ideal Cut Diamond & Cushion Diamond As Preferred Cut For Solitaire Gold Engagement Ring Among Singapore Brides

Why Ideal Cut Diamond & Cushion Diamond Are Popular Among Singapore Brides In The 21st Century

A diamond cut is used to refer to a style or design guide that is employed while giving shape to a diamond. The term “cut” does not actually refer to the shape of the diamond, but it refers to the symmetry of diamond, along with the proper proportioning and polishing.

The “cut”, that is the design of the diamond, greatly affects the brilliance or shine the stone might exhibit. This phenomenon is due to the high refractive index of a diamond. A properly cut diamond is designed in such a way that the light enters the stone can exit only after several ‘total or partial internal reflections’ inside the diamond, thus causing the diamond to glow brightly.

Diamond cuts have evolved throughout the ages from the Mazarin, Perruzzi or old European cuts. Now the more popular cuts include princess, heart, pear, marquise, oval, cushion cut diamond and ideal cut diamond.

The cuts are further graded according to various specifications. Without further consideration of those matters, let us explore why the cushion or ideal cut diamond serves as a great choice for customized proposal ring.


Why Is Ideal Cut & Cushion Cut Diamond The Preferred Choices?

Beauties of the Cushion Cut

The cushion diamond was once known as “the old mine cut”. Cushion cut diamond is actually a square cut with four rounded edges. Cushion cut design has been around for 2 centuries until the advert of the 20th century.

The cutting angles of the cushion cut have been modified over the ages and whatever stands now is the product of centuries of hard work. Nowadays, the cushion cut has been redesigned to have pavilion facet patterns that add to their brilliance. Therefore the reason for opting cushion cut diamond as your solitaire gold diamond ring could be out of the added glory of this ancient cut.

The Sheer Brilliant Ideal Cut

The idea cut is among the rarest cuts as the diamond reflects almost all the light that enters. This cut has excellent polish and symmetry ratings. These cuts are perfectly proportioned to refract light, pushing its position up the order among all the possible diamond cuts.

There is no doubt that the ideal cut should be among the most preferred cuts in engagement diamond ring Singapore. Check out the below video to learn more about – diamonds.

Gift your beloved the most wonderful diamond ring according to your choice and express the love in your heart.

Explore the beauties in the ideal cut and cushion cut diamond rings and be illuminated in their sheer beauty and brilliance. They will serve as great choice as an engagement ring to demonstrate your everlasting love.

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